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What is the difference between various Anusol products?

Written by Caidr's team of doctors and pharmacists based in UK | Updated: 26.01.2023 | 2 min read

All Anusol products are used to treat haemorrhoids but vary in their formulations. Both Anusol cream and ointment contain the same active ingredients (zinc oxide, balsam of Peru, bismuth oxide). Here we'll take you through the differences so you can choose an option that suits you.

Doctor’s advice

Cream? Ointment? Suppository?

Product formulations come in creams, ointments and suppositories. Anusol cream is thinner than the ointment, making it easier to rub in. The thicker consistency of Anusol ointment means it's good for relieving sore, dry skin. Anusol suppositories are inserted directly into the anus, which is a better choice for internal haemorrhoids. If you have internal and external haemorrhoids, Anusol suppositories can be used alongside the cream or ointment.

What about steroid-containing versions?

Anusol Plus HC and Soothing Relief differ from the regular Anusol in that they also contain a mild steroid called hydrocortisone. However, Anusol HC also includes benzyl benzoate which has added antiseptic properties.

How do I use the products?

Anusol ointment and cream are applied directly to the affected area after washing and drying. Best practice is to apply using a gauze dressing, but many people use a clean finger.

For treating internal haemorrhoids, screw the nozzle onto the tube before removing the nozzle cap. Insert the nozzle into the back passage and squeeze gently. Clean the nozzle after each use.

The suppositories should be inserted into the back passage after cleaning and drying the area. Insert one suppository at night, first thing in the morning and after every bowel movement, ensuring that the suppository is inserted far enough to not fall out. Always wash your hands before and after every use.

How does it work?

Anusol products contain active ingredients that work by reducing irritation. They also have antiseptic properties that help prevent growth of bacteria around your piles. This protects the area, thereby reducing itch and irritation. These ingredients are zinc oxide, balsam of Peru, bismuth oxide.

The hydrocortisone containing products (Plus HC and Soothing Relief) work in a similar way as the regular Anusol however, the added hydrocortisone has anti-inflammatory effects.

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Was this helpful?

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